Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) helps to remove barriers to participation for our students.

We have sourced some information here from reputable international organizations in the field such as NCTE, NDA, SESS, AbilityNet, ACE Centre and Enable Ireland.

Here are some excellent, free resources we use within the school.

Teach your Monster

This site offers three free game based numeracy and literacy apps aimed at the primary end of the school. The apps are available for the iPad and can also be played through browsers on PC. There is a bit of a spiel with an unskippable video at the start but the games are worth it. Most students in the school have a login. Please contact you teacher for the details

Khan Kids

An amazing free programme available on android and apple. Huge range of activites available. You create an account to track progress.


Excellent free literacy support app available for android and apple. Unskippable video at the start but a bright and engaging series of activites and stories.

My Colourful Words

Excellent sentence structure programme teaching subject, verb, object. Completely customisable. Apple only right now


Apple iOS 

The latest Apple software  offers some excellent accessibility supports. These videos highlight some of these:


Clicker is a Reading and Writing support tool that is very popular with our pupils. On laptops our students use Clicker 8 software, while on iPads they use Clicker Sentences. The licenses are very expensive but definitely worth it in some cases.


Web Sites

Switch Accessible Software available from Inclusive Technology (winner of the 2010 BETT Award)

Links to AT courses for parents