Our History



C.R.C. Established 1951


The Central Remedial Clinic was founded in 1951 by Lady Valerie Goulding and Miss Kathleen O'Rourke to provide physiotherapy for victims of a polio epidemic in Dublin.  Its first location was a two roomed flat in Pembroke Street, Dublin 2.  It soon became evident that larger accommodation was essential and with funds collected by voluntary helpers - Prospect House in St. Aidan's Drive, Goatstown was purchased.



C.R.C. School Established 1956


Other services for children and adults with disabilities grew from this and in October 1956 a special national school under the Department of Education was established with one teacher and fourteen pupils on roll.  For the next decade, it remained a one-teacher school with between 10 to 14 short-term pupils attending while receiving medical care and therapy in the Clinic.


Improved Para-Educational Facilities


The sanctioning by the Department of Education of accommodation for psychologists, speech and occupational therapists as well as a nursing unit within a school was a historic moment in Irish Education.  It was acknowledgement that our pupils with multi-disabilities required an inter-disciplinary educational approach.  At the same time, the Department of Education makes no provision for the staffing of these areas.

2000 – 2003


  • School Transport System: Wheelchair accessibility of all school buses has been developed during this period with the co-operation of the private contractors and the support of Bus Eireann and the Department of Education & Science.




  • A major extension to the school funded by the Department of Education & Science was completed in August 2005.   The ground floor comprises three specially adapted classrooms for post-primary students and specialists rooms for developing independent living skills, art craft & science, music and a multi-sensory room, all of which are for school use.